Vide Necklace

Vide Necklace Necklace
  • $44.00

A hole in your heart.  Some-thing missing. Truly, the only thing that can fill it is God and His love for you.  Named after the French word, vide, meaning “void,” this necklace will remind you that only He can fill that empty God-shaped hole in your heart: the one aching for purpose and significance.  It’s an invitation to welcome Him in as the King of your heart and accept your role as the daughter of the King Most High.

Vide is a delicate brushed sterling silver charm affixed to our beaded curb chain with an extender for petite princesses to grow into as they mature.  It’s a perfect gift for someone who needs renewed hope or for a new decision to follow Jesus. All products support the Princesa Program through Breaking Chains.

-14” beaded chain, 2” extender, total 16”

-approximately ⅜” charm

-sterling silver

-Made in USA

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