Sarah Necklace

Sarah Necklace
  • Sarah Necklace
  • Sarah Necklace
  • Sarah Necklace
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A new name.  Sarah, princess.  So much to be changed aside from the name.  Just like that, one day, Sarai became Sarah and her life was transformed forever.  A new name, a new identity is within your reach as well to become a daughter of the King, a princess.  Just receive.

This delightful rounded silver square is hand-stamped with a crown design and charmingly hangs on our silver beaded curb chain.  It's a delicate necklace for a dainty princess.

Slight variations will occur due to the hand made nature of the product.  All products support the Princesa Program through Breaking Chains.

- 1/4" rounded square tag

- 925 silver

- 14" or 16" curb beaded chain

- Made in USA

 Please indicate in the cart notes section if this is a gift for a child. Our enclosed note reflects a more sensitive message without eluding to trafficking.

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