Ruth Necklace

Ruth Necklace
  • Ruth Necklace
  • long silver twisted necklace
  • long silver twisted necklace
  • $66.00

Ever had a reversal of direction in your life that led you down an uncertain path?  If so, this necklace is for you... full of twists and turns, but ending with the gentle reminder of who you are in Christ.  The princess crown is subtly displayed on a petite silver disc.  This delightful necklace is a simple and classy addition to any modern wardrobe and a stunning reminder of who you are in Christ.

All products are individually hand-made and will have a slight unique variation.  All products support the Princesa Program through Breaking Chains.

- 32" twisted 925 silver chain

- 7, 7mm 925 discs

- Made in USA

- Flat Rate USPS, tracked, insured, gift wrapped, 2 business day shipping $6.25

- 1st class USPS, no insurance, 3 business day shipping $3.50 (approximately, calculated at checkout)

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