What is gold-fill? 

Gold-filled (also known as gold overlay) is made by adhering a thin layer of karat gold to a base metal core by a heat and pressure process.  The "14/20" or "12/10" number gives information about the final product.  The first number tells what karat purity of gold is used; the second refers to the amount, by weight, of the gold to the underlying base metal.  For example, "14/20" means that the gold being used is 14-karat and that the gold composes 1/20th or (5%) of the total weight of the product.

How is gold-fill different than gold-plated?

Gold-fill consists of an actual layer that is fused by heat and pressure; plated gold is basically a base metal dipped in gold, which is more prone to chipping and flaking.

Why don't you offer pure gold?

The cost of 14K or 24K gold is much higher and we felt that the look, feel and price of gold-fill would fit our customer base better.

Can I take a shower / go swimming / etc. with my gold-filled necklace?

Yes, you can, but it's not a good idea to make a habit of it.

How do I re-blacken the letters on my silver necklace?

Firstly, I chose not to use some of the more toxic, but permanent, oxidizers on the market due to the fact that my daughter loves to be at my side while I work at the bench.  In concern for her health, I have chosen to simply use a permanent black marker (like a Sharpie).  Simply color over the letters with the marker, let dry and then wipe with a soft cloth dampened with rubbing alcohol.  Or you can leave as un-blackened, pure silver is pretty too. :)

 Are you a non-profit organization?

I wrestled long about this question and considered the discussion in The Profitable Charity in the decision.  As a for-profit entity, I am able to maximize the efficiency of the organization for the size Esther's Necklaces is now.  So, no, we are not; however, each Princesa in the Princesa Program through Breaking Chains receives a necklace as a graduation present.  Their ministry through Breaking Chains also receives a portion of the profits from all sales.

How do I clean my silver easily?

Take a small piece of aluminum foil (like 3" square) and place in the bottom of a heat proof cup that can hold 2 cups of water.  Place 1 Tablespoon of baking soda in the cup along with any silver item that you'd like to clean.  Pour 1 cup of almost boiling water into the cup and let sit for a few minutes.  Use a fork to fish the pieces out and let them dry on a soft cloth.

Do you do custom pieces?

Yes! I am happy to quote you a price for a custom piece if you'd like a different style chain or length than what is offered on the website.  Just email me at info@esthersnecklaces.com to get a quote with in one business day.