Sarai necklace

Sarai Necklace Necklace
  • Sarai Necklace Necklace
  • Sarai Necklace Necklace
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Are His promises too great for you?  Can your mortal mind figure out how God works?  Sarai in the Bible felt the same way and yet, He will deliver what He promises to you.  This Sarai necklace reminds you of the impossibilities in your life being transformed by the power of God.  

Sarai’s dainty brass and silver crown charm measures ¼” square and reminds you that you are His delight and are worthy of an abundant, beautiful life designed by Your Heavenly Father.  

Product will develop a natural patina over time but can be shined with a polishing cloth for a restored shine.  All products are individually hand-made and will have a slight unique variation. All products support the Princesa Program through Breaking Chains.

- 14" or 16" beaded chain

- sterling silver and brass

- Made in USA

Please indicate in the cart notes section if this is a gift for a child. Our enclosed note reflects a more sensitive message without eluding to trafficking.

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