Queen Esther's Necklace

Queen Esthers Necklace Necklace
  • $39.00

It's a crossroads moment... inspired by One Night With the King, this necklace will recall that moment, that one moment that things changed for Esther from the Bible.  You have a moment, too, that you'll remember as a turning moment. No going back.  You must go forward to fulfill the destiny set before you.

Queen Esther's necklace displays a gold filled wire-wrapped golden briolette on a sparkling chain that is neutral enough for most any outfit.  It does NOT display the Star of David when light shines through it.

All products are individually hand-made and will have a slight unique variation.  All products support the Princesa Program through Breaking Chains.

- 16 or 18 inch gold filled chain

- 13 mm golden briolette

- Made in USA

 Please indicate in the cart notes section if this is a gift for a child. Our enclosed note reflects a more sensitive message without eluding to trafficking.

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