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  • Marguerite
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The creamy, opalescent luster, a beautiful hue, a refraction of light… these lovely little natural gems are gorgeous in their own right.  A handsome cluster of pearls, the Marguerite is just icing on the cake. Your natural beauty will be the star, these the supporting roles.  Pearls have long been remembered as representing beauty, purity, and innocence.  Thus, they will remind you of the inner and quiet spirit that makes a woman truly stunning.

Marguerite is a hand wire-wrapped creation that brings a tasteful balance of colors together.  As shown in the picture, each keishi pearl is unique. Great care is taken to combine a variation of pearls that complement each other in size and color.  Please select if you’d like the more pink palette or the earth tone palette. All products are individually handmade and will have a slight unique variation.  All products support the Princesa Program through Breaking Chains.

- 18" gold fill chain

- Keishi pearls

- Made in USA

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