• Will the real princess stand up?

     What is this Princess business anyway?

    Just like in the traditional tale of the Princess and the Pea, so we must try to figure out who a genuine princess is.  Although, you won’t find it by dozing on a dozen mattresses with some itty bitty pea underneath. That will just give you an achy back.

    We all know of the Disney princesses which are so popular amongst the littlest ladies.  We see toddlers dressing up as princesses, and there are even ladies that condescendingly call themselves princesses in expectation that others will serve them.

    None of that is what I mean by a “princess;” although we need to understand why we are so drawn to princess stories and that ideal.  Truly, it’s because of what resides in our makeup. We all long to to be cherished, to be loved, to be beautiful to someone … but what’s more is that those who are cherished as daughters of the King of Kings are respected and loved for who they are, not what they have done or not done.  The real litmus test is your heart, not your backache.

    When you acknowledge the Heavenly Father, the King of Kings as your Father, because of all that He has done for you, then you are welcomed by adoption into the family of God.  And as a daughter of the King of Kings, you become royalty. As you live that out, you will grow more like Him. Being a princess means living in hopes to become all that God meant you to be.  It is the highest calling a person can have. And you have that calling when you acknowledge Jesus as the King of your heart. Truly, you will be an authentic princess through and through, no peas or mattresses needed, thank you. :)

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