• Princess Stories

    Every time I hear one of these Princesa's stories it touches my heart.  It makes me realize that I'm not so different than these sisters in Latin America.  I'm broken, scared and love my children like they do theirs.  So many of their stories are similar, yet uniquely theirs at the same time.

    So I hope you'll enjoy this line of Esther's Necklaces, where we aren't selling anything, but just want to share with you inspiring stories of sisters here and abroad who have overcome great obstacles and gain such victory through Jesus.  Stay tuned and spread the word so others might be encouraged to step off the side lines, break the chains of bondage and take their place in the arena, where it might get a little dirty and dusty, but without the effort, such victory would never be possible. 

    What's your obstacle?  Where's your arena?

    I'm excited to hear where God's going to show up for you.

    Esther's Necklaces celebrates the worthiness of each of those who are called daughters of the King with princess inspired jewelry which supports anti-human trafficking efforts in Latin America.

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