• Princesa Salome's Story

    As a mom, she wanted the best for her children and so moved to a new country illegally with high hopes and dreams of success.  Unfortunately, within a few months her situation changed from bad to worse.  With the best intentions for her children, again, she made a difficult decision to begin working the streets so they could have something to eat.  Life continued in this hopeless cycle for years until she heard about Shaddai 91 and decided to apply for the program.  She didn’t know if this could be the way out, but she was willing to try.


    Salome was chosen out of the many candidates to become part of the 90 day program through Breaking Chains' Princesa Program, which Esther's Necklaces supports, that would transform her life.  The enormous challenge of the program was worth every moment as she forged a new life for herself and her children.  But that was only half the battle.  She knew she must leave this country and the sanctuary of Shaddai 91, but the process seemed insurmountable.


    Since He had broken her chains of bondage, she knew she must continue to complete freedom: going back to her home country.  Finally, after weeks of struggling to figure out how to cross the borders needed without the heavy costs she would incur, God did what He does best: showed up.  An extra donation was used to travel alone to her home country to get her store set up, while she left her infant with her parents.  When Salome returned, it was time to take her family to their new home.


    Every step of the way fear filled her: she was afraid of her new life not on the street, afraid of her belongings being stolen, afraid to leave Shaddai 91.  She prayed and God answered again, providing passage home without any extra costs at the border crossings.

    And now her tienda, which was set up with the help of Breaking Chains, is functioning and she NEVER has to go back to the life of bondage again.  The cycle of poverty has been broken which ensures her children will not be destined to live a life on the street.


    Her story inspires me to remember that change is hard, sometimes really hard.  But the pain of staying the same has got to be greater than the discomfort to change.  Also, genuine, transformational change really can only happen through the gospel.  In dying to her old self, it was no longer she who lived but Jesus who lives in her now.

    What about you?  Have you ever had to do something really hard which in the end was worth it?

    Esther's Necklaces celebrates the worthiness of each of those who are called daughters of the King with princess inspired jewelry which supports anti-human trafficking efforts in Latin America.

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