• Princesa Alessandra's Story

    Guest post by Jill Folsom, Breaking Chains Board Member

    After having had two children, Alessandra learned she was pregnant again, this time with triplets.  She told her husband and he gave her a choice: either abort the babies or else he would leave.  She bravely chose life, and was forced to sell her body in order to provide for their daily needs.  On the many nights when she did not get a client, she would desperately dig through the garbage cans in order to find food.  She did what she could, then God showed her what He could do!

    At the end of the first week of the biblically based Princesa Program through Breaking Chains, there was a big smile on her face, in part due to the weekly allowance of beans and rice that she was given, but also, due to the new knowledge of who she was in Christ and that God has answered her prayers.  As she worked her way through the program, she attained the business skills to support herself so that she  never has to dig through the garbage again.

    Alessandra was just one of the women who worked their way towards freedom in Christ through the Princesa Program, which Esther's Necklaces supports.  The stories of these women break the heart... but the knowledge of the hope they find in Christ brings great joy!  The Holy Spirit led healing portion of the program is truly the place where transformation takes place.

    The seemingly insurmountable challenges Alessandra faced when choosing life were great, but God showed Himself unimaginably greater.  Without her great struggle, though, she would not have had such an amazing victory.  In this world of self-centered living and modern conveniences, it is the most courageous, strong choice a woman could have made. 

    And she inspires me to make the good, hard, courageous choice... what about you?  Have you ever had to make a GOOD, HARD choice?  How did God come through for you?

    Esther's Necklaces celebrates the worthiness of each of those who are called daughters of the King with princess inspired jewelry which supports anti-human trafficking efforts in Latin America.

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