• Princesa Mariana's Story

    Guest post by Sandra Traver, Breaking Chains board member

     It was finally graduation day for the Princesas.  By the grace of God, nine women had succeeded in completing Breaking Chains 90-day program of Christian therapy and discipleship.  When they had first arrived, they were skeptical that what was being offered to them was real.  Despite their many difficulties, they continued to show up each day, and God did the rest. He used our hands and feet to show them His love in a very real way.

    Here is the story of just one of the princesas I was able to meet during my recent visit to Breaking Chains ministry.  At the age of 21, Mariana was taken away from her home country by an aunt who had promised her a good job.  It was all a lie.  When they reached their destination, Mariana was sold into forced prostitution. Her life descended into hell, and she began using drugs and alcohol to numb the pain.  She got the news that her brother had been shot to death, and she sank into a deep sadness. She felt she was drowning.  Twice she even tried to commit suicide.

    When Mariana first entered the Princesa Program, it looked as if she would not make it through.  Her attitude was very rebellious and confrontational.  Fast-forward 85 days to when I met her ... what a transformation!  She now realizes that life is the most beautiful gift she could ever have.  When Mariana looks in the mirror now, she sees a different person, a daughter of the Most High.  Unfortunately, she still faces challenges in reuniting with her three children, so please keep her in prayer.  Like all of us, she is far from perfect, but she knows that with God's strength she will finish the race.

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