Princess Stories

  • Princess Joyce's story

    While I love to feature sisters in Latin America who have tremendous stories of transformation, this story comes from a sister here in the United States who recognized her identity as a daughter of the King.  I am inspired whenever a sister steps forward to take on the mantle of rights and responsibilities that stems from right relationship with the King. Let us remember our mutual brokenness, our universal need for a Savior and our desperate need to live worthy of the calling of daughter of the King.  Here’s her story in her own words...
  • Will the real princess stand up?

     What is this Princess business anyway?

    Just like in the traditional tale of the Princess and the Pea, so we must try to figure out who a genuine princess is.  Although, you won’t find it by dozing on a dozen mattresses with some itty bitty pea underneath. That will just give you an achy back.

  • Princesa Abril's Story

    Today we meet Abril, who went from having a heart hardened by a life of organized crime to one softened by the power of the Holy Spirt, through breaking some chains that only God can.
  • Princesa Mariana's Story

     It was finally graduation day for the Princesas.  By the grace of God, nine women had succeeded in completing Breaking Chains 90-day program of Christian therapy and discipleship.  When they had first arrived, they were skeptical that what was being offered to them was real.